Speakers, software, wood, fabric, foam

Listen is an immersive listening space where sound is experienced through hearing, sight, and touch. In creating a multisensory sonic experience, the installation is accessible to those with hearing impairments and also draws attention to the multisensory nature of sound.

The installation consists of a purpose-built bed housing 6 custom-made subwoofers, 4 more speakers surrounding the space, a hand-sewn canopy, and a computer program that sequences sounds and generates visuals in real-time. The effect is that of a full body surround sound listening experience.

Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, April-May, 2009
Touching Sound: Extending the Listening Experience, College Art Association Annual Conference, 2009

“I lost my hearing in my right ear eleven years ago, and since then, my experience of sound has been somewhat limited and frustrating. Yesterday, I got a chance to experience your sound environment at the MAH, and it was a delightful revelation as well as the fullest hearing experience I’ve had since my hearing loss. What I learned from the process was how hearing can be enriched by other senses, particularly feeling and sight. I do some occasional talking about synesthesia, but your environment was a vibrant demonstration of it. Interestingly enough, lying on your sound bed, I slipped into a hypnogogic state for a few minutes (or more – I lost track of time). I was somewhere between sleep and waking awareness, and I felt quite alert when I left. Thanks for the experience.” – Guest